A Blanket Of Fog

A Blanket of Fog

A Blanket of Fog

If you’ll come with me,
I’ll help a soldier find a way out.
Drown into the sea,
And my soul shall meet yours with a brass key
From which I will use to unlock encrypted messages
Buried within your tin mind.
Would you protect me from the blaze that
Burns within the crust of my screaming soul?
I want to tell you the reason there is a blanket of fog
Over my drifting eyes.
I cannot create creation without the mist
From your frigid soul.

The holy light whispers to my canvas soul
About the moonbeams

that glow with a
Kiss from the sun.
I am of one Way,
Searching for everlasting truths
Beating down on the brow of man
With their sweltering waters.
I am a volcano that erupts

Through passionate valves of fire.
Frosted seedlings get buried deep beneath
The earth’s weeping bell.
Oh Heaven, wash me away
From this singed shore.
I wish to be elated by your wisest star
Burning in the comfort of your brass arms.
Wicked winds destroy me no more.
However, the crescent of your angelic spirit
Lifts sadistic knives from my shouting flesh.

It’s a long look for sunlight
Transforming into gold.
Angels with their wings of translucent pink
Dance inside your troubled waters to bring
About serenity within your burning heart.
There is the song of the wind
That breathes life into creation;
Yet, the kiss of wicked drones is lifted
Out of the dark tunnel
And cleansed with sacred scrolls.

I shall devour fiber pages belonging to the creed,
And humble myself before the Lord
With the passing hour.
Hold me up high so I can hollow out this tree trunk,
And make room for your glorified gifts of sanctity tonight.

Wicked waters send forth angry drums of thunder
Enrapturing my lustrous soul with every drop
Of your thirsty spirit.
I cling to the sacred tail of the Lord’s kite,
But I am demolished by the fearful tower of black smoke
That tortures my winded mind with fierce visions
Of my metallic chest being tugged forth,
By the pressure that builds within this crying rain.
Ghostly shadows dance before me,
And the river roars from this burning embrace.

I’d like your innuendoes
To come alive inside your flowering hands,
But the weeping mandolin cries into satanic streams
Where his voice is carried throughout lucid rooftops.

However, it is man’s thirst for redeeming lost words that
Salvage a shredded spirit drifting away
Inside my laughing desert,
And allows the loving light to congregate every drop
Of water into one solid vessel.
Take with you your entourage,
And horde all your dreams into this mystical fountain.
For I believe in one twilight,
The stately Universe that milks the pulse of heaven,
And hands it over to man
Throughout his journey of enlightenment.

You are my maple leaf asleep inside my phantasm.
I am elongated by breathing winds that surround
Me with vengeance.
For truth is the troubled sky that battles
Within dancing clouds;
Yet, you are the lightening that cuts through
My tortured flesh, and laughs at me with wicked breaths.
These visions bake inside a fierce jungle,
Prancing on the prowl like a lion, jaguar and tiger.

For I have become their prey.
They lunge at me with their diseased tongues,
Only to swallow my body whole;
Thus, omitting my remains and leaving them
To rot beneath the spiteful eyes of the cruel sun.

My limbs are frigid,
And the flesh the color of turnips.
My lungs are congested with a tinge of pain;
Yet, my eyes are succumbed to sleep within acidic lids.
The base line is the song comprised
Of temperamental melodies on the verge
Of spicing up flat waters.
Shouting winds of diluted visions take hold
Of rustic minds, and create festive light
Inside the harmonic web entrusted to nullified prayers.
For to drink from the royal hemisphere
Surrounds true minds with lavished halls
Of the harmonic web.

I either lay my ears in hell,

Or have a voice in heaven.
Yesterday, you had one foot in the water.
It took three days to get out of the vile dessert.
You don’t have to carry your own bag.
If you’ll come here, I’ll save you that trouble.
I will milk your light
And absorb its nutrients to strengthen my toiled spirit.
Arsenic fills the platitudes of my remorseful streams.
Ideas fluctuate through the serrated edge.
I am humbled state devoured by hungry eyes.
For the walls we have built are now the staple crops
Of the land paid to those who feed on the parcel of humility.
Starving shall the next fleet be for tribunal rain,
But the engine shall swallow our inner rays of light.

Blue crush tender by strain
Dances through my stormy spirit.
I am the sour note that bleeds into paper moons.
For this is ancient song that feeds on humanly bliss.
I gasp for air when the steamy ocean
Sends its fire down into my windpipes;

Yet, the weeping music continues to strum
My frozen heart that wallows.

Mild tides hover me so warm.
My breath is ice that swims through my
Whimsical hair and the light that surrounds me
Beats down into hallow tombs.
For it strums my soulful seeds,
And takes in turbulent song
That weeps for the masses.
For the dark hours seep through spongy spirits,
And create dancing blisters inside
Jubilant halls of crescent minds.
My frothy visions have become your shaky embrace,
But I shall not dive into your egotistic waters.

There are tidbits of information
That cannot be conceived,
That cannot be relinquished.
Material minds move boldly across the flaming sky.
Church bells sing to me who has been buried in the ground.

Frozen souls melt into the Islands of the sky
Which blankets the earth with baby blue?
Creamy, ostracized, dreams flow freely
Through the tides of my tears.
Whimsical one, stop bathing
In these foamy waters of your disease.
Plaids are your words that devour me whole.
I am then sucked through lace of this cake.
Cotton candy seduces my tongue
In so many delightful ways.
How can I count them?
For they are more than
I have fingers to count with.
Children roller skate across the spongy moon.
For your are like a cloud that carries burdens of creation;
Only to build and build until you can hold no more.
For then there is a release.

I cannot take a breath
Without crying out your name.
I sing my heart at night

For the bleeding souls of the earth.
I am the water of your body.
Come lift me up
Into your soulful arms.
For I will not be deserted
By your fateful lines.
Pour out your willful spirit unto me.
For I cannot reach the clouds without
Your gateways to heaven.
I fall every time I attempt
To climb Jacob’s ladder.

Rainbows float lifelessly down
An inflated river.
Melancholy serenades salty sunsets
With feverish songs.
Lowly, I stumble upon whispering cracks
In your violated floor,
And sneezing trees wrap their bold arms
Around my flaming tresses,
Sending me further into my oceanic grave.

My glass mind traces opaque
Patterns of destitute streams.
For their rhythms are soulful
And their blood is milk
That wanders anguished highways
So curtly and spry.
Shivering inside a frothy cocoon
Is the icy drone laying alone?
Locked up with the sweet scent of rosemary
Kicking at his heels.
Softly the rain whispers in the ears
Of burning desires to sharpen crazed blades
And cut through earthly dreams,
Melting away inside the eels seductive flames.

Crystal pieces of my flamboyant soul
Caress the tenderness of olive breaths.
So sweetly the sun smiles down on me.
Your bleeding rhythms put my icy mind into a trance.
Steamy branches drape drifting blades of grass,
And immerse my saintly eyes within their loving waters.

Time is broken, and the spongy sheep are a bold fountain
Filled with holistic wines belonging to Divine
Visions that run away from erupting wings.
I offer myself for your jaunting tower,
But it is you who will redeem me of liquid fire
That sings from the ballistic earth.

My body is a log that feeds on trepid light.
Gothic halls breed your spiteful cauldron,
But I frown upon this disease that milks the earth.
Mountains of purple majesties cry thirsty pearls;
Yet, I am not your drowning limb,
Nor do I hunger for you anymore.
Time has betrayed your arrogant masquerade.
I can see it in your jaded eyes.
For your soul is the temperamental window
That pulls the army of trees under shifty fire,
And depletes the mindful valve.

Dark, deep, purple rain,
And everyone is as you are yourself.

The meadow whispers to me in the twilight
Like serenity is the laughter found
Within isolated tunnels.
Plowing through deceitful rays of light are
Your cramped maze and scalding bassoon.
Take a blow,
Only to release fire.
For unto these foul seeds shall spawn
Jealousy and ignorance.
Lords of the sky,
Unleash your spiteful wind,
And, allow this burning sphere to die
Inside it’s own smoky mirrors.

Icy temperament of your wooden tongue
Releases a soulful tapestry of lulling tides
Who ache for your sultry breaths,
But diamond eyes cut through
These angry walls to guide me
Across your humble bridge.


I drink in Father Time’s tragedy
Of languid, troubled sky where
Everlasting sunsets bleed their
Malicious songs into my vaporized soul
And I am a paper moon that burns
Into your seductive flames.
Feathery fantasies drive me into
Secreting veins of fainting mimes.
Empty rooms blow through tearful eyes,
And glazed trees lead justified cremation
Into shouting winds who burn eclectic
Stars into deterrent minds.
For I am the brush of sage
That corrodes salty wounds
With sweeping lines.
Red rivers become the nuance
Of resisting fields, but my tampered bell
Shall surmise depleted valves of
Heaven’s soulful light.

The empowerment of nuclear bodies

Is the sustenance of man evolving in
The mysteries of creative outlets.
For I am embalmed with electric horses
That are entangled with weeping moss.
Sandwiched between frozen otters
Are holistic crystals designed to enlighten man
Throughout his cumbersome journey towards
Revision of his celestial being.
For I was gliding by you
Where the hope just took me back.
Reason adorns me with satin walls
Filled with calibrated streams.
Music breathes into my filtered soul,
So listlessly, as I have become the gateway
To your ballistic flames.
Wonder is my mesh that absorbs acidic showers,
But the tiger’s eye shall cradle me
For golden seeds its foul shall reap.

Bloody waters pulsate sticky & sweet
Through your acrylic walls.

This is the time to dance into electric hours.
Don’t you want to be christened by my thirsty flame?
Let it burn your rhythmic flesh with hollandaise sauce
And milk your 4 minute run through my caked
Corpse that rots outside your finicky door.
I’m dressed up in satanic tears.
For your fever burns through terrain,
But holding out for the loving rainbow is
The need for my reckoning to vanish into your
Ajar Pandora ’s Box.
Seal your loins shut
And let the hyperactive breeze of heaven
Cloud your porcelain heart with liquid light.
For I bleed into black clouds till no end.

Listlessly, I swim through your turbulent body.
For I have become this mass that connects each
Boundary to the outer limits.
Stop frigid moons from licking up your tainted wounds.
Steel minds, forge your destiny towards enlightened showers.
Your are my table from which I consume this holistic meal.

I am now the wine that surges through earthly veins,
But my frothy fountain continues to pour milky waters
Into breathing lungs of shouting trees.
For I shall no longer reside within rotten floors
Whose soul has been stripped away
From this weeping vase.
Your heart dances with thunder;
Yet, I will never let you peel away crusty layers
Of my bloated spirit.

May soulful light shine on your frigid head
With its everlasting glow of frothy undertones
Whose melodies whisper to my liquid dreams.
Fire, don’t you dare consume my crushed soul.
For I will break your hallow blisters
And allow their tears to flow freely down the face
Of the crystal ocean.
You can devour my bliss all you wish,
But my bulb shall not thirst for needful hands to
Brush against my array of color.
Mindful deeds shall spray your body into the cinder

That follows me around.
For I shall not hide my flesh from your shifty eyes.

I tread on broken arrows,
And stolen prayers cling to my fleshy visions.
Shivering waters cry into colic base of my steamy spirit.
I am not the foolish one who will wait for your
Misty eyes to seduce my ruptured soul.
Come to candor roads yet to be driven,
And cobwebs shall dance on top of your frozen mind,
But your angry tower will not crash down upon me.
For I will dismember each piece with my faithful fists.
I will call out to my army of angels to encircle my spinning
Body and devour beastly woes that haunt my icy veins.

This morning I woke up with fire in my eyes.
Your were breathing silently,
Drifting off to visions of the golden steed.
Our dreams have now become one body.
My tongue is the flaming beast.
I am corroded within your soulful tears.

Languished hours of our earthly demise
Glide into embalmment of ceramic minds.
Christened my last breath with the body of Christ.
Let him walk through me when I am
Laying on top of serrated blades.
Shiver me no more, you cowardly storm
That rattles my soul with angry hands.
I am not of your delight.
For I have become one isolated stream
That bleeds through your angelic spirit,
But I will perform restless deeds within my own reform.
For to conquer is the assist in the burning ways of marvel
Worlds yet to be touched by your unlawful esteem;
Yet, when the crying eyes of dawn surrender unto lordly tresses,
The beast shall awaken with the stoned touch from my willful light.

You are the wonder in my eyes.
You are the crystal ocean blue.
I am the fire in the
Night that is ablaze for two.
I am a hallow log without a plight.

For I want to reside within frothy clouds,
And tie up all my fears into the bundle of twigs.
I want to set the earth afire
And become one with its spirit.
For dreams shall burn into the darkness
Of my jailed mind.
Hungry flames dance inside my misty mind.
Melodies rich like butter offer jubilated streams
That empower me with electric trees.
However, it is your masquerade that falls down
Upon its frail, rubber, knees.

I follow you into the weeping night,
Lest I shiver along cradled roads.
Palm trees stretch their bold necks
To embrace my lofty spirit that has
Emerged from your daunt ling abyss.
Savage minds corrode tortured breaths of innocence;
Yet, your feverish skies of darkness drape
Holistic reigns of scrutiny.


I am redeemed of what I know.
These glass bulbs are uprooted
From the synchronized tombs.
Forever as it may be,
As it may seem,
Famished roads shall drink of my elated waters
Who encumber your shouting flesh.
I am the dream that holds the mighty covenant of thunder,
But masterful shall the golden streams be
To those who hail zesty moonbeams,
And glide down into your ivory pipes.

If impairment were a rose,
Its velvety warmth would breathe louder than thunder.
If a rose were a song,
Its frothy melodies would bleed into frigid souls of man.
If a song were a walking stick,
I’d thrive on its strength to carry me into the womb of Heaven.
If I were a window,
My purple hues of light would emulate the spirit of raging waters.
A mound of saintly coins

Collects in the bottom of the weeping well,
Longing to be found by frozen heartbeats
Listening from up above in the crystal sky
That sings to angelic rivers so filled with humble bread.
Each morsel is a teardrop of love and rage
Blended together to create a cyclonic kiss
On the trembling lips of Mother Earth.

Cynical trees wave their lazy arms to create soft silhouette
Within the seductive moonlight.
Misty waters cry for two electric beings
Who shout into this hallow chalice from which
Every musical spirit drinks from.
Their bodies are ice,
And their flesh is an asteroid
That crashes into my sterling heart.
I am the grape,
And you are the vine from which I cling to.
Mirror of my smoky mind,
I wish to become the Lord’s soldier
For redeeming the earthly flame.

I will rejoice in Him.
I will rejoice in Him.
I will burn a path leading into heaven’s gallery.
For man is collected inside the Lord’s case
Filled with ancient relics.
Your mind is a disease that eats away
Every piece of my unleavened spirit.
What will become of me, once my shield has
Been broken down into the ashes and dust?
I hear angelic voices call out to me in the remorseful night.
They say, “Child of the sky,
Bleed no more into the deafened tomb.
For it is not the hour of your demise.
However, it is time you go on your way
And revisit your home within the Kingdom of Heaven.”
I am collected unto You, oh Father of Creation.
I am winded;
Yet, my ageless visions of my youth
Live on within burning patterns of time and space.
I have become one with You.
I have become one with You.

For Lord, I shall ignite holistic flames of heaven,
And let Your loving spirit burn within me for all eternity.

Unweave the pages of my soul.
For my misty visions scatter into your grotesque spirit.
Hunger breads inside this hallow womb.
After the weeping sun has set,
And the whispering halls have fallen asleep,
I comb sandy beaches in search of noble truths,
But they are not there.
For this soulful song rests within your ballistic eyes.
I delve into them, and
Reach eerie depths of your latex soul,
Only to find taunting flames
Devouring every playful tree in its divine path.
I climb shouting hills whose lungs deplete with
Each breath they take,
And I beat down sweat that drapes my tired lips
For relief from their parched throats,
Bur no end comes.
So the screaming trees drown within their own anger,

And the howling breathes life into me.

We rivers burn.
Jagged souls bleed.
Seraphim, cherubs and angels host
My home coming from my long walk.
Sugary music echoes through angry
Vapors of my mystic drum.
Paved paths chant in unison.
Hallow creeds are written in blood,
And the fainting sun is bred.
Electric showers sprinkle their buds
Onto my fluorescent spirit,
And my song comes on the radio,
Creating blockage where purple, green,
Red and blue hues of light reside.
Shouting flames rise to the top,
And the loving cream flows freely down
My serene neck, creating a mass of the Lord’s following.
Hungry tigers siege the frothy unicorn for
Paying blind allegiance to the devil’s merriment.

However, liquid dreams surrender to fabric souls
Who are guided by their beasts of burden
Up the saintly mountain where the burning bush
Speaks to their lofty spirits.
“Rise up into holistic moons.
Let up on savage minds, but never foster
In relics of the stolen heart.
Devour merciful rays of rage,
And create a new time of triangular beams.
Savor the richness of the milk you bleed
In your loving hands,
But never let go of the self in the visage stars.”

I liquefy my words to sweeten humble quakes
Of my ravished soul that dances inside bold flames
Of your dominating iceberg.
I am the fountain overflowing with the Lord’s milky rays
Of sun, and I will surround your burning keys
With magnitude of fluorescent spirits.
With each passing day,
A new song is born from the womb of creativity,

And gives the flamboyant heart an everlasting vengeance
To consume when you have fallen at the steps of Death’s door.
Tainted is my nuance when your fallow has dried
Up in the raging sun.
Weeping daisies give off the nourishing sadness to feed
Redundant appetites on the day of Judgment.

I am the light which does not conceive
The seed that bursts into flames of desire.
For this fire is a drifter that has been started by you.
For the cat’s tongue has blown me away
With your words of electricity that flows
Through my metallic veins.
This beast humbles me with words that go unspoken.
For your creamy river causes me to swim through
Elated muscles of the sandman,
Who pours his loving crystals on top of my weeping eyes,
Awakening my soul on my journey through your mystical flame;
The music that resides within your burning heart.

Your spirit is the ink that drips into

These hallow mirrors of isolated bodies.
For the multitude of these icy visions linger
On through cloudy songs.
This serene dampness is the embodiment of my
Elusive soul that frolics with your tabernacle dreams.
I am your song which bleeds into cyclonic tombs.
Shield me away from your wickedness of sloth.
For my dessert has become the jailor
Of this cystic piece of loom.
My breaths are shaky,
And my eyes grow hazy with being seduced by sleep;
Thus, becoming one with the darkness I shall reap.

You are the light seeping through tired clouds
On a day of the suffocating rain:
A misty river that bleeds into my tantalized palate
After the storm clears the cobwebs from this disease
Within your blind shallot.
I have encumbered many desolate roads,
But not a voice was heard throughout the crying breeze
Until the last diver plummeted into your serene waters.

Shivering are the boulders that feed upon tortured souls
Who have been eaten alive by blind restitution of captive songs,
Longing to fulfill my true essence within the hot springs
Where fishermen converge melodic seeds into one chaotic dream.

I look for mystical notes within the bold sky.
Your song plays in the wind,
Weeping rain dances on top of my velvet head,
And the drum beats praises of her sacred voice,
When she sings the anthem of the Universe.
“Oh universal truths that beat me down with cinder and rye,
Take hold of your pastoral mirrors,
And embrace moon lit waters.
For my offering is my feverish spirit
That glows within this river of tears.
Let love not falter down frozen tongues
Who lash out at me.
For to wander through turbulent halls
Is to vanquish hunger that burns inside acrylic desires.
For hidden within this song of hope is the key
For devising a plan to erase exploding valves of angry thunder.

Come dance inside my weeping rain
And chase me down the blissful sun.”

Graveyards bleed through the mass of my flesh.
Windows to your soul create havoc unto you.
Breathe into the night,
And let the songbird carry you away
Into the phantasm of your glory.
Of glorify His name
When man shall come of age
To beseech all His truths
And rectify his life in song
When the church bells weep.
I cannot justify the lies you offer me,
When all I ask is for you to lay your
Silky tongue on top of floating ministration.
For I shall come alive when the clock strikes twelve
And no more shall the rains embellish
Sacred hearts with winded gyrations
Of your salty spirit.
Tainted illusions haunt my thirsty mind,

One who spoke with satin tongues,
Melodious words that break down shouting ashes.
I’ll be your bird.
I’ll be your cage.
For the miracles of life shudder behind closed doors.
Let the heavenly light lift you up with its loving arms,
And carry you through Heaven’s door.
Hopeless people;
Desperate eyes:
Mild embrace that weeps for cotton children
Who caress broken tears with the stroke
Of a humble pen.
Passion stains winded graveyards
With deceitful flames belonging to steel heartbeats.
Melodic breezeways chant to crowned rhythms
Of your spiteful disease.
“Oh messenger of dark alleys,
Don’t run me into your burning walls.
For the fortitude of this life at first glance shall not drink
Hazy visions, but shall two roads bleed into me,
A drifting soldier buried within concave walls,

Then I shall scream to my own delight,
And be filled up when the Lord of hallow winds
Raises me up into the cedar clouds.
She lights his eyes with a soulful dance,
And drinks sanctified nectar from his creamy spirit.
Your eyes have finally achieved the score
Of winded towers who rose to great heights
In the realms of the wicked and the mighty.”

Red rivers soak up man’s hunger
To reprise his role as the captivator.
For the longer Mother Earth’s womb bleeds
In the darkness, the deeper the cuts into the frigid souls.
Weeping are the trees who live in squalor,
Because of this disease that eats up the hallow core

/> That rests within my fading light.
I fall further into the black hole,
And emerge on the other side of the bleeding sunset.
I seek refuge inside the Lord’s loving spirit
That moves me to reach higher altitude of enlightenment.
For the song of the hourglass echoes throughout the pulsating

Drum line to milk sensual rhythms from crunchy vessels
That cling to the spider’s web.

Seductive mountains burn into the sapphire sky,
And cause the heavens to weep into my crystal soul.
I flourish when I am miles away from the
Feverish seeds you have sown.
For this is an allegorical song
That bleeds into the hallow trees.
Sifting through your ashes of deceit,
I notice the sacred horn that blows my fault line away.
For I shall burn no more inside your fierce cauldron.
Your hateful brew shall dream into her floral patterns.
Garnet eyes shall drink up misty waters,
And the abyss shall want of your soul
When the brass frog speaks your name.

I am drifting from the bottomless pit of asphalt
Where torpedoes blast my mind into the angry sun.
Corroded souls launch their tales of deceit,
Only to get devoured by sensual petals.

I am delighted by this magistrate tower.
For the longer I bleed into the fierce tiger,
The more I envision salty wounds in triumph
Over your fountain of soulful waters.
Daylight soon will be here.
The sun will come up to wash away my tears.
In the meantime, I drift in the river of the moonlight,
Crying a thunderstorm for me.
I am enchanted by you,
My one and only sliver of the earth.
Shallow breaths beat down on me,
And agony burns into my roaring spirit,
Tantalized by your whispering tomb.
Glazed are the limbs of my frosted corpse.
For they have been devoured by seething waters of your soul.
I am no more gone from this fountain of shallow dreams.
The flowers talk to me on my journey of demise.
Is this my fate, to drown into your metallic wings?
You answer me in return,
And you say to me, “This is not my wish to
Take vengeance on this melody.

Harpsichord, don’t lie.
For I faint in this icy vision
That has become my holy grail.
For I shall no longer think of your glass menagerie
That melts into my jangling spirit
When two doves become your song.”

I am the nuance of His sacred breath.
For I shall cause your scroll to bleed
Through the flowering tiger’s vengeful eyes,
And feed scrutiny to jaded lobsters who beseech
Themselves in the demise of man.
For the core of this foundation holds blind stipulations
Of truths belonging to the atrocities of this beastly cup,
From which I drink your stoned brew.
I am corrupted with cruelty for my master.
For as long as the frigid delve into sanctified pools
Of angry sunsets, forever lost shall foul roads be
To the aloft and the siege.
I will encumber your engrossing song,
And let it follow me into lordly kingdoms,

If only to breathe in this lavish fire
That burns inside my marshy corpse.

Frigid airways compose frothy valves to dance within
Crimean tides of my ivory soul.
Danger intrigues me.
For your damper ways devour mindful rivers
Belonging to the bleeding sun.
I am not a fountain of your wishful waters.
For this disease is caused by your wretched tongue
That lashes out at me with skilled nets casting
Me out into the zesty ocean to fish out weaponry
Hidden within my salty tomb.
For you are not my seedy eyes,
But you have become the dance that sways my golden spirit
High into the somber clouds who cry down upon madden bridge.
For there is a marching band bending vicious flames into your weary eyes.
The gloating ocean follows whispering minds into my emotional fire.
Where is my foundation from which heaven used to walk with me
Hand in hand down soothing flames that now reside within you?
I am carried into the elastic tunnel that has dressed you up

With broken strings that bleed into my humble lips.
What shall become of redemption, shall become.
Seething arouses temperamental years to come alive;
Yet, this song that has just begun to blossom into whiskey and rye,
Consumes Asiatic moons, crying into the drum I have become.

Sinister flames burn through satanic valves
That devour my tainted spirit.
Shackled to the unconscious floor
Are elusive tombs,
Longing to be cast away into the fisherman’s melodic nets.
For the longer I bleed through these icy walls,
The angrier your bassoon becomes.
Operatic trees shout into the traveling streaks of lightening.
For they speak of long ago disease that conquered forsaken moons.
“I am not of one measure,
The one who slew saintly gems.
For I am the maze of whimsical tides.
The more I congregate this tattered body,
The futile its beams;
Yet, only assailants of mystical shields can

Dance before crisp butterflies.”

I will pour my soul into an aphonic cup,
And sift through aching ashes of Adonis
That guide soldered limbs.
Joy is not the taste of the winded galaxy.
For it is the river that strums dreams.
His frowning shield prances through whispering halls,
And the golden shepherd speaks my name.
“Shivering as the frost along gloating rays of light,
I am not of your singing scissors.
For to shear an old man’s pride
Is to forsake the longing to divide divisions.
Remove the remover with your blind hatchet,
Let these howling embers bite into your laughing toes;
Yet, sooth his angelic ivory with heroic scrolls of the weeping sea.”

I’m dressed up in diseased pages
That run on trepid waters,
The spectators of the greedy sunlight.
For to unlock thirsty roads

Shall only lead to formulation
Of the subtracted.
I shan’t want more of this shady song
That breathes into custard streams.
For the candor of this melody is lonely embrace
That melts into your derivative.
Liquid dreams empower lordly
Steeds to vanquish dismal tongues;
Yet, offer up drunken salutations
Upon meeting chastised
Beings inside this humble saloon.

I am shackled to your resilient soul.
For the ages of foul transcend shivering scrolls
Into masses of thirsty children that build
With great anticipation the coming of vindictive seeds.
Heated music from this weeping fountain burns my withered
Visions with acidic pools of consciousness.
I am forever endowed by willful storms whose fragrant mind
Creates loving light within jailed rooms.
However, this misty train arrives with new passengers

To be dropped off at their patterns of justification.

I will not commence dreams of soggy days
Where you and I used to play on shivering swings.
Hand me humble mist from your bold eyes,
Within your dancing cup that burns with the glory
And coming of the highest mountain.
My tears speak to me,
And they chisel into my flesh with their weeping waters,
Electrifying earthly spirits, creating monumental truths.
I am sandwiched between two glass otters,
Whose heavenly light shimmers throughout the span of the globe.
Thirsty clouds ignite passionate fires that burn in the crimson sky.
Glazed trees prance around me,
Cackling about seven times the body
Which feeds angelic hosts with knowledge.
They then sanctify voices that are targeted by restless
Streams, overflowing with godly wines.
I am the one survivor of the quick sands.
Your elated eyes surround me with electric tides.
For these layers pierce through my sleepy mind

To melt away ghastly visions succumbed with driven desires.
For I am released from marvel legends of ticking bombs
That crashed and burned sadistic horizons.
I am not your deserted flame that you empower me with
Soulful tears which flow freely down the Valley of Death.
Sapphire eyes call out to me,
“Transform holistic crystals into loving rays of the sun.
I am not going to devour your icy spirit.
For only you have the power to dismantle the foul
Which follows you around inside your driven mind.”

Where rivers, cry blood red tears,
Angelic melodies tear through
Laughing fields who convalesce
In the angry eyes of deathly hallows.
Merging between plighted clouds are sensuous waves.
Whispering trees surround me with hackling vapors,
The sandman’s breath that drowns out folded spirits.
I am richer in the ways of the wise;
Yet, my trembling heart cannot embrace this stone tablet
Belonging to the burning flame.

Land no be cold lo and behold
Throughout the spirit of gold.
For to question such an atrocity is to ask a kneeling
Crane why it kneels.
If lovebirds sing melodies so rich and pristine
For the childish palm trees, prey tell,
What would become of man’s silver voice?
Would it be squeezed into a glass like the juice
From lemons or oranges?
Would the holistic covenant breed new breeds of drones?
Could I beseech you, isolated halls, to walk
Through infested streams?
No. Of course not.
For as long as we both shall live, the divine shall
Invest their knowledge in whimsical minds
To frolic as they will in their own animalistic way.
Tender is this soulful reed that bleeds into frigid visions;
Yet, open are flamboyant airways to sew torn pieces of
A hungry vessel that has been starved thru
The madness of cynicism.


I am the light that carries fluorescent wolves
Back to the eagle’s hallow breath.
Lowly winds singe pasty flesh
And harden cowardly dreams.
Allow me, Lord, to expound on the rapture
Of fields drowning inside furled eyes.
For icy lungs transform into nautical gods,
Searching for angry keys belonging to the halls of truth.
Limber go the legs of the giant who prances up and down
On top of his weak foundation.
Aching floors bleed into a shivering alarm that burns
Through my paper soul like passionate waves coming together
To form one heavenly body.
The fountain of solace speaks to the leaves that befall him,
“Dance, lowly seeds, and bring forth bold flames
Driven with motives of a raging tiger.
For seldom do the beasts roar into secreting trunks that confine
Man to his soulful need for drowning hours to recover from swimming
Up to the feet of death.”

I fancy the loving marigolds inside their blissful flesh.

This maze extracts from me all the devilish tendencies
A creature so foul can wish.
Extricate ballistic shields and allow festive cranes to dance.
End your vows of insane plots to diminish the food of your tainted visions.
Seize the last word to redeem your humble bounty,
But never trot up to blind kiln.
For alive you shall be burned.
Shackle me against your giant of a tree,
Lest you shan’t become so holy,
But don’t you render me who is not so free
Of death defying glory.

There is a cut that is bitter when it sings
For all the world to hear it’s tears.

There is a song that weeps when it whistles in my ears,
Because it’s hard to see the sting that burns into me
Throughout these solemn years.
For if you want to swing on the arms of destiny,
Open your mirrors and walk through.


The drub from holistic warfare beats heavily
Against my sallow winder pane.
My amber eyes breathe into oscillated tears
That rain down on me.
Shield me from these tired hours.
For they hypnotize rays of thunder to drift
Into electric tides, correlating the drams of masses
Who shout praises of your holy name into
The magnetism of the angry flames.

Every breath the fountain takes, a spark flies
Into the clouds’ embrace,
So warm like fresh bread taken out of the oven
With burning beams that devour man’s soul
And crush his spirit with sugary lull.
For to dance before the judge on the day of judgment,
Renders golden marks that float down these tired rivers;
Yet, shriek in the moist night when thunder comes to call
On two turtle doves for stamping out vindictive flames
Belonging to the mouth of your surrender.
Every beam renders true light of all light,

But shall marvel in his royal thirst for zesty words
To quench his parched drum.
Hurry! Hurry! I shall receive you.
The light from whence I came has turned murky red.

I turn the pages of time to melt thru
The cinder of the raging bull.
Feverish waters embrace my electric soul,
And create wicked shockwaves that grab at
My torn rainbow.
I am the milk from your mirth.
Come, you children of this desolate storm.
For your haunting melodies weep into this resonance
I have become.
Together, creation will unfold the salty tables of shouting
Windows that hold crystal hands and bark at this lonely thunder,
Emerging from your humble abyss.
For savage dreams lick my wounds, and my tortured
Spirit shall come alive at the sound of the melodic dessert.
Shield me with your creamy mountain, and allow me to
Gaze into golden eyes.

For the purity of the bold horizons shall be lifted by the
Grace of the loving sea.

Willfully, I sit from dusk to dawn
On the fold of my bed scratching the itch
That dwells in my thoughts.
Languid illusion scatter before marble eyes
Like desolate waters that wander thru a lagoon.
I am not the feathered crow
Who lunged into his burning brigade.
Oh saintly winds that dance with trembling trees,
Won’t you caress a vagrant such as me, who kneels before
The plowed spirit whose touch illuminates
Duress of fine linen.
I come to behold your musical tears
With ever so loving hands.
The back of his bread is broken in two,
And so I offer the worldly esteem unto you.
Don’t beseech me thru folly and darkness,
But allow me the docile waters to drink of rustic clouds
That humble me with their laughter of giant proportion.

Dreamy winds crash into my elastic head,
Knocking the sands out of my crystal eyes.
You fill my misty waters up with frozen souls
Of feverish seeds.
Whispering winds breed havoc within dark shadows.
I cannot conceive the logic for the bleeding rains.
The midnight sky weeps for my tattered spirit
That roams the everglades in search of wealth no
Longer free floating.
I fold lofty pages to mend tortured drums.
For on shall he go who follows somber moons
To embrace the holistic voice.

Soft flames of gold and red
Burn into the somber night
Whose melodic tears absorb
The essence of my entire being.
Mystical clouds crash into wicked beams
Of light and drain my tired body of its inner fire.
For these frozen thoughts tickle the ivory keys
Of the somber piano that has become my sense

Of sight throughout the cold hours of the divine night.
Halos clash into the light that burns into golden streams
Who cannot seem to remember their roles in the reenactment
Of Earth’s beginnings.
Masculine tides build up inside a bleeding ocean,
Only to get lost in their own desire for the seductive sky
To draw her blades and cut into the flesh of dolphins,
Whose souls ring with praises to lordly winds.
“I am enveloped by your warm embrace;
Yet, my mind is filled with cobwebs
That sanctify driven spirits of channeled warriors
Who burn into the heavens.”

It’s been so long forever begotten, the roads
We bleed into the hungry cannon
Whose remedies build with anticipation
Of the next bomb that drops upon the face of man’s
Destiny which holds him captive to his own wicked
Tendencies, showered with steel pins.
For his electric eyes glow with lasers beaming
From his sockets, reaching out to sanctified souls

To come marching down the golden paths toward
Salivating mouths of feverish hills.
I am transcended into the marshy lands of figurative
Desires that cannot be misconstrued by crafty minds.
For there is a key that locks the bolts up tight,
Where no one, no matter what amount of money
They bring to bribe the guard, can break into
Thrashing halls of liquid dreams.
For I shout into the mouths of holistic caves,
And raise my hands up while surrendering my spirit
To the everlasting light, saying, “I am not of your
Ceaseless wonders who wander through your suited
Vessel, but I am the sliver of your foundation
Which holds many seeds within your tiger eyes.
For I bequeath my soul to you, in exchange for your
Frothy words of enlightenment, my Holy King
Of the Velvet Sky.
Drift as many may when they walk through dilated beams
Of silver and platinum, but I shall embrace your plastics petals,
And use their folly fragrances to dress my soul up with.
However, misleading the scrolls of the sea, the one true thing

That shall not leave me are your humble words of passionate song.”

Liquid souls seep into the misty air
With the welcome of blowing horns
To bring forth an offering of never ending life
That burns throughout the ages of ages,
Until the afterlife and continues to breathe
Into the osculated lungs of man’s trying days.
I am humbled by your satin voice
Of angelic hosts who transcend spiritual geese
Into the fire that is the Lord’s breath.
For on go his children walking up brass hills
Of his encumbered light, that is the coming of
Tales that stretch from one end of the glove to
The highest mountain of glazed creeds.
I follow your guiding hands that burn my spirit
With each glitter touch, drowning my lungs
With the color of plumb.
His lips that rose above my speech
Drank of the serpents tongue.
The clashing blades of fire sear

Anguished trees with their domineering crown;
Yet, the icy stone drapes this flower with
His soft spoken storm that caresses
The earth with moist flesh and saunters
Her dreams so fair.



Article Written By Joanna Maharis

BA degree/Creative Writing from Western Michigan University. had 8 book publications: 4 paperback and 4 in Kindle format.

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